We know this is not the first or the last time you’ve heard this phrase: you should eat more vegetables. Even if you’ve already sighed and started to look away, we urge you to give us just five minutes of your time to skim this article.

Why does the phrase “more vegetables” immediately make you turn your head and shut your mind down? Maybe you have memories of sitting at your dinner table as a child with your parents staring you down, as you try to push the mushy peas and spinach out of your plate without getting noticed. Or you remember the taste of stale broccoli that mysteriously always makes it on to your plate that you try to eat a bite of out of guilt and hate it.

Green vegetables have endless health benefits: they help you with your erections (!), decreases cancer risk, are loaded with antioxidants, are full of fiber, which decreases colon cancer risk, and also reduces heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in American men and women.1

Here are a few tips and tricks Phoenix Men’s Health Center suggests. First, let go of your immediate dislike and thoughts that vegetables taste bad. Vegetables can be absolutely delicious. Key to finding delicious vegetables comes down to trying a variety of different vegetables, as well as different ways of cooking them. You may hate overdone spinach, but you may love a freshly prepared beet salad with arugula and heirloom tomatoes. You have to give it a try before you know you like or hate it, right?

Secondly, remember that feeling after you’ve gorged on a giant meal – a hunk of steak, basket of fries, heaps of ranch dressing…? We suggest you try this exercise next time you go out to eat. First order an appetizer salad. No matter how much you’re excited about the meal that’s going to come out later, first eat a good salad. This will not only put in vegetables in your body, but also make you less likely to overeat on your full meal. Monitor how your mood changes after you eat your salad versus red meat and fried foods.

Lastly, make a promise to yourself to start getting at least one serving of vegetables a day. This could be one salad a day, one new vegetable on your plate, or one green drink a day. If vegetables are more available, you’re more likely to eat them as well. The next time you go grocery shopping, why not get a few pre made easy salads that you can grab on the go or fix together easily? Putting them at the front of the fridge so you see them and can reach them is also a good strategy.

Here are a couple of links to help you with eating more vegetables:

  1. Green Powder Drink: https://www.drcowansgarden.com/collections/available-now-2
  2. 25 Simple Green Side Dish Recipes: http://www.thekitchn.com/25-simple-green-side-dishes-recipes-from-the-kitchn-217287
  3. Healthy Eating Blog (Forks Over Knives): https://www.forksoverknives.com/

You’re not eating healthy for anyone else. You’re doing it for yourself, so your body is healthy, so that you feel good, and you become a healthier person every day for yourself. We know it can be overwhelming to navigate your busy schedule and life. Let’s make a plan together to start your journey towards better health, starting with taking baby steps. Make an appointment with Phoenix Men’s Health Center today by clicking this link or calling our front desk at 602-908-5422.


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