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It was a really great experience visiting the Phoenix Men's Health Center and easy to get to the bottom line of what was going on inside my body and to receive an aggressive and a true reality plan to get me back in to great health. Dr. Le Provost explained every thing in terms I could understand and now I am on the road to getting healthy and balancing out my body's chemistry to help me stay healthy and vibrant for the rest of my life. I did do my research with many other health centers and making my decision to go with Phoenix Men's Health Center saved me that money and I am getting healthy. I would encourage anyone that has any doubt about their health to visit Phoenix Men's Health Center and get the amazing care that I did. Its worth the peace of mind not only for you but your loved ones that rely on you to be there for them.Jerry K.
Jerry K.
The entire staff is very thorough, patient, and does a great job of communicating. Dr. Le Provost carefully walked me through my test results, explaining the key factors and then also carefully explained why he was recommending the specific treatment plan. He has a great bedside manner -- clear and communicative, without coming across as condescending. I never felt rushed or hurried and always felt that they truly care about managing and improving my health.Kurt L.
Kurt L.
IT IS RARE to find a doctor who takes time to listen intently and to genuinely care for a patient as much as Dr. Le Provost does. I am very grateful for Doc's sincere care for me and my health. The fact that he keeps in mind that I am an athlete means the world to me, as most doctors lately only see my current very complex set of medical issues without either ever knowing my past level of fitness, or forgetting what I'm trying to get better for. So, THANK YOU, Dr. Le Provost and Team for all your hard work and support so far on this journey of helping me get my health back so that I can resume training and get back to living and being the healthy, strong and active man I used to be, still am inside, and will hopefully be again very soon! I deeply appreciate you guys and am so glad Phoenix Men's Health Center exists.Chris N.
Chris N.
Dr. Le Provost let us tour his office and helped with answering questions about naturopathic medicine, his practice, as well as the overall profession.  It was a great experience. He is so passionate about what he does and you can definitely tell that this is where his calling is and where he belongs. Any of the Phoenix or surrounding area is looking for a fantastic, caring, wants only the best for his patients doctor I would recommend visiting Dr. Le Provost. I wish we had more doctors like him in the healthcare!Jody D.
Jody D.
Amazing would be an understatement. I came to a point, acceptance more like it, in my life where my weight was either going to kill me or I was going to act and survive. My good friend shared his story about the Mens Health Clinic downtown, and how he managed to lose over 30 lbs with Dr. Provost consult on the HCG diet. I can not express my gratitude for my friends advice, I embarked on my quest at the Men's Health Center with Dr. Provost 8 days ago and keeping true to his consult and plan on the HCG diet, I have since lost 23lbs! Break the chains of obesity gentlemen, go see him and liberate your body! I'm looking forward to finishing phase 1 of my overall plan to lose over 125lbs, and well on my way!John Z.
John Z.
Both my wife and I go to Dr Le Provost , he is always helpful and helps think of ways to improve our health. When i first started going to Dr Le Provost, about 4 months ago for treatment of low testosterone due to testicular cancer (twice). Not only was he able to help raise my T level he also recommended a different treatment for osteoporosis (which i had in both my lower spine and hips). I had previously been treated by another Dr. by using Fosamax and Actonel, which even after several years of use only marginally improved my osteoporosis. Dr Le Provost started me on Osteoben which is a more natural bone builder. I recently had a Dexa scan (bone density scan) and the results were an unexpected surprise. The osteoporosis in by hips has completely reversed and have a nice improvement in my spine, (only after 4 months of use). I would definitively recommend Dr Le Provost for men's or women's health.Everett C.
Everett C.
I was referred to Dr. Le Provost by another medical professional. I am 52 years old I had been suffering from depression, mood swings, weight gain, and nothing good. Dr Le Provost on my request ran full blood tests, found out that my thyroid was in a coma, testosterone in the basement, and that I was suffering with Type II Diabetes! I was given an all natural pill to take daily for my thyroid, a diet to follow to rid myself of the diabetes, and weekly hormone shots. The result is better than even the kind DR. anticipated! Within 3 days, my friends noticed a complete 180 degree turn around, 4 weeks later, I've lost a tremendous amount of body mass, and I feel like I'm 25 again.Anthony L.
Anthony L.
Was looking for a practitioner that goes beyond traditional medicine and found that in Dr. Le Provost. While I do not have any major health concerns, I wanted to find an office where men’s health concerns are the focus. After a thorough medical history was taken, I was roomed and Dr. Le Provost came right in – NO 30-45 minute wait to speak with the doctor. Dr. Le Provost explained everything, listened to my concerns, and took the time to discuss his thoughts without rushing. I look forward to discussing my lab results with him and using this practice as my main/primary care doctor! And, best of all, he’s a great guy! Strongly recommended – book your appointment now!David C.
David C.
Was very satisfied with my visit to Phoenix Men's Health Center, very clean and comfortable office! The staff was very friendly and Dr. Jean-Luc Le Provost was great. He is very professional and listens to you and lets you explain what you need and want to accomplish to be healthy and happy. After my first visit, I decided right away that I will continue to use him as my primary care physician. If your looking for a great Physician with a great practice I totally recommend Phoenix Men's Health Center!Michael H.
Michael H.

At the Phoenix Men’s Health Center, our goal is simple; improve your quality of life by providing a top-notch, personalized medical experience.

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