The Priapus shot® (also known as the P-Shot®) is named after Priapus, the Greek god of fertility. The P-Shot® is a way to rejuvenate the penis using your own blood’s growth factors (Platlet-Rich Plasma therapy).

As men get older, they may not be getting as many erections, or as satisfied with their erection quality as they used to before. As there are less eretions, there are less blood flow to the area, and the tissues surrounding the area doesn’t work as well as they used to before. P-Shot® specifically addresses this problem by fixing damaged tissue. P-Shot® is also for patients suffering from priapism (bend in the penis), Peyronie’s disease (fibrous scar tissue inside the penis resulting in painful erections), and more.

Phoenix Men’s Health Center provider Dr. Jean-Luc Le Provost has been train to be an approved provider of P-Shot®. P-Shot® can last up to one year per treatment depending on the patient’s situation.

P-Shot® procedures are as follows: 1) Numbing cream to the penis is applied 2) Blood is drawn from your arm 3) Blood is centrifuged and platelets are separated 4) Liquid with growth factors are transferred to a syringe 5) This is injected into the penis using a tiny needle. Since your own blood is used, P-Shot® side effects are absolutely minimal.

About 10-20% increase in girth and length can be expected. P-Shot® results in an immediately larger penis, strengthens and straightens the penis, increases circulation throughout the organ, increases sensation and pleasure, results in no allergic reactions with minimal pain, and has been proven to work.

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