Reasons why we gain weight:

Excessive caloric intake

Lack of physical activity

High stress (physical, mental, toxins)

Low/poor sleep

Hormonal imbalances

  • Hypothyroid (slow thyroid)
  • Low testosterone (Andropause/aging)
  • High cortisol (stress) levels
  • Diabetes (sugar imbalances)

Step 1

Getting testing and identifying the causes and reasons for weight gain.

We offer extensive blood work that can help identify high blood sugar, thyroid and testosterone imbalances, as well as inflammation in your body. You will get a closer look at your blood work and body chemistry than you will every get at a primary care doctor office. Guaranteed!

We have doctors that care and will help you discover your cause and solution to your weight concerns.

Step 2

Establish a treatment plan.

Detox Diet + Exercise + Hormonal Optimization = Weight loss

We will provide you with the fastest, most effective, options to fixing your weight loss problems. We offer detox plans, rapid weight loss programs, hormone balancing, or a combination to optimize your bodies natural ability to lose weight.

Detox programs coupled with our rapid weight loss program provides the best results. Once completed we place patients on hormonal balances programs to maintain the weight that has been lost.

Step 3


Fitness & Food Plan + Hormonal Optimization = More Muscle, Less Fat

Now you have lost the weight, its time to keep it off. We cannot deny that diet and exercise are key to maintaining a healthy weight.

But, what if you have done “all the right things” but still can’t lose body fat or build muscle?

Then it’s time to look for the possible missing link, your hormones.

Keeping your hormones balanced as we age is a very important part in keeping the body we have worked so hard to maintain. And, it could be the missing solution to your ability to maintain your weight loss, and keep your muscle mass.

Reason to lose weight

Being overweight or obese drastically increases your risk for:

Type II Diabetes (80% of Type II diabetics are related to being overweight)

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Heart Disease – Still the number one cause of death in the United States


Cancer – Pancreas, colon, thyroid, gall bladder increase risk with obesity. 34,000 men a year with cancer related to obesity

Losing weight will help you:

Increase your energy & metal clarity

Help with mood, look good & feel good

Increase your bodies natural healthy hormones

Improve your bodies organ functions

Decrease body inflammation

Decrease body ache/muscle pain

Decrease cancer & heart disease risk

Improve your quality of life for you, and your time with your family.