Your Testosterone Journey Begins Here.

You deserve to feel powerful, energized, and look your absolute best.

Yet, as time progresses, hormone levels can fluctuate, leading to fatigue, mood changes, and a decline in general well-being.

Dr. Le Provost, with his vast experience and unwavering dedication, has crafted a comprehensive testosterone evaluation to guide you back to your peak performance.


Unlock the door to a stronger, more vibrant you.



You find it harder to get up in the morning, or feel like you're running on empty by the afternoon. Tired of being tired?

Your workouts aren't yielding results. You're still gaining body fat. It might be more than just diet and exercise. Check your testosterone.

You desire success and fulfillment in all aspects of your life and you want to feel confident and powerful. Looking your best.

You want to sexually perform at your best and you strive for mental clarity, emotional resilience, and a balanced lifestyle.


Phoenix Men’s Health Center isn’t just about medical excellence. It’s a journey towards redefining yourself. A journey where you, under the expert guidance of Dr. Le Provost and his team of doctors, rediscover and reclaim your strength. It’s more than just a screening; it’s an opportunity to awaken your inner Phoenix, rising stronger and brighter than ever before.


John DoeTotal T Member
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"I moved from California and had all my healthcare needs at super specialists in Palo Alto. When I came to Phoenix, I searched for just the right doctor and clinic -- it took a couple of years. However, I stumbled onto Phoenix Men's Health Center and now, the search is over, I am all set in Phoenix! The doctors here are just hyper-in-tune with their patients... so much so, that I changed my primary care to be managed by this clinic. I do everything in one visit, even the labs. They also work well with my specialist at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Molina has a very reassuring and friendly style and it is easy to talk to him and more importantly, he is a keen listener! The location is convenient and the staff is friendly, professional, flawless. I am not an easy stick but this team... no problems whatsoever. So the short story, this is an amazing place that specializes in caring for men that want to live a healthy life. I'd say you should get your bones to the Phoenix Men's Health Center and explore what your next level of health can be with their help."


Testosterone Analysis: Comprehensive tests that ensure a detailed understanding of your hormone levels.

Personalized Doctor's Session:
Sit down with our physicians to discuss your symptoms, understand your results, and map out a potential journey to rejuvenation.

Actionable Insights: If you qualify for Rx Testosterone Therapy, we'll guide you on the next steps. If not, we will guide you on how to increase your testosterone levels specifically for your case.


At Phoenix Men’s Health Center we are committed to providing you with the highest level of medical care and ensuring your complete satisfaction. That’s why we offer our Best Medical Care Guarantee. We stand behind the Men’s Health Screening and its ability to deliver exceptional results.
If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your Men’s Health Screening experience, we will work with you to address your concerns and provide a resolution. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we are dedicated to your success.