It’s time to take a good look at your heart health.

We will help you obtain a better understanding of where you stand with your heart and cardiovascular health.

Heart disease is still the number one cause of mortality in men in the United States. Often times many of the factors that contribute to heart disease are overlooked in your annual exam.

Inflammation for an example, is one of the first steps in heart disease. When was the last time your cardiovascular inflammation was tested?

With our advanced cardiovascular blood test we can help you get a closer look at what’s happening on the inside of your body.

Some advanced testing that we offer:

For inflammation:

CRP: C-Reactive protein is a protein found in the blood that can be used to gauge cardiac inflammation.

Homocysteine: blood amino acid. High levels increase the chance of heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and alzheimers.

MPO: Myeloperoxidase is a enzyme found in white blood cells. High levels can indicate unstable cardiovascular plaque and increase risk of heart attack or stroke

Advanced Cholesterol testing:

Apolipoprotein B: Indicates most of your LDL cholesterol is small, dense, atherogenic particles that can/may lead to increased risk of cardiovascular plaque.

LP(a): An increase in LP(a) has been seen in a high percentage of individuals with cardiovascular plaque and damage to cardiovascular walls.

Advanced testing is only part of your complete cardiovascular picture. We also take into account dietary, exercise, lifestyle, supplements, and medications. Your heart health needs to be comprehensive and effective. Take a closer look at your heart health. Ask for one of our comprehensive blood panels at your next physical exam.