Are my testosterone values normal for my age?

We get this question every day. This is a complex question that deserves a well informed answer. It can be difficult to answer this question without looking at your entire health picture, not just a lab value.

Every patient is different and he needs to think about other factors in his life such as stress, sleep, diet, as well as disease states such as Diabetes, Obesity, and Heart Disease. All of these could easily be affecting his testosterone levels. Education Video

With that said, we have seen plenty of patients that clearly have low testosterone on lab values, yet report feeling “OK”.  But, soon after starting testosterone therapy report feeling much better.

We will share three cases below that may help add some insight to your situation. Here are some values we come across everyday at the Phoenix Men’s Health Center.

Case 1) 22 year old male. College student, under high stress. No concerns of erectile dysfunction or abnormal weight gain. But, has fatigue and sleep problems. Should testosterone be the answer for his fatigue?

TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL 454 280-1100 ng/dl
TESTOSTERONE, FREE  8.46 1.9-27 ng/dl

Testosterone would not be recommended because of his younger age. But, could or should his TT levels be higher? Arguably, Yes. His doctor may suggest better sleep habits, better diet with higher healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, and healthy oils. Also, stress reduction would benefit him immensely. Once these lifestyle goals have been accomplished retest his testosterone values to see where he falls.

When it is time to retest his testosterone, we had suggested that he test in the morning between 6-10am, after a weekend of solid rest and testosterone building foods. It is not unusual to get slightly higher readings after doing so.

If you are younger, and get a low reading once. Consider making some of the changes above and get tested again. If your numbers are still low, you should consider getting help.

Case 2) 36 year old male. Athletic Cross Fit trainer. Complains of poor erections, low libido, and difficult time maintaining his physic. His goal is to keep his muscle mass, improve his energy, and build a family with his wife.

TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL 368 280-1100 ng/dl
TESTOSTERONE, FREE 5.50 1.9-27 ng/dl

We agreed that his testosterone was on the lower side of normal, Low Normal Testosterone. He would probably benefit from some natural testosterone stimulation. Our trainer understood that he had treatment options to help increase his testosterone more naturally and would not have to go on straight prescribed bio-identical testosterone. Especially, since he was interested in starting a family, he was advised not to start on the prescription testosterone but explore other options that we offer at the practice.

He has since started a protocol to stimulate his own testosterone naturally, is feeling better, has more energy and we are happy to report a new addition to is family.

Case 3) 52 year old male. Low physical activity, Entrepreneur. Complains of low energy, low mood, unhappy, & has to take a nap everyday at 4:00pm. Has been told by his other doctors that everything is fine.

DHEA-SULFATE 320.3 44.3-331.0 ug/dl
TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL 171 L 280-1100  ng/dl
TESTOSTERONE, FREE  4.43 1.6-22 ng/dl

But, everything is not fine with this 52 year old man. He has low testosterone as well as many other health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, overweight, fatigue, hypothyroid (low thyroid function), and is at increased risk for many other diseases.

Should he be given Testosterone? With further in-depth medical evaluation, labs test such as PSA and physical medical exams we determined that he would be a good candidate for testosterone.

Since starting testosterone he has improved significantly, as well as reversing some of his disease states. Now that is exciting!

It is always a good idea to obtain as much information about your health as possible including your Testosterone levels. Testosterone testing is available here as well as your doctor’s office.

When you get your testosterone results be sure you ask for a copy and keep them for your records. Consider your lifestyle habits, stress, sleep, and then your health goals. After that head into your testosterone specialist to see what your options are to improve your health.

We offer free 15min consultation over the phone or in person. Bring in a copy of your blood work and let’s talk about your case.

You owe it to yourself. You deserve the best.

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