Is Testosterone Therapy Safe?

Testosterone therapy can be very safe. Treatment varies based on the individual patient, the patients medical history and risk factors, lab results, the types of testosterone therapy, and proper medical follow up visits.

Not all Testosterone is Created Equal

There are many types of testosterone on the market, choosing the proper testosterone is important. It is important when we discuss testosterone that we are clear on what type of testosterone we are talking about, synthetic vs bio-identical, and the quality of research that has been done to substantiate its proper use. We suggest bio-identical testosterone.

With the proper type of testosterone therapy it may help:

  • Enhance Mood
  • Increase Libido (Sex Drive)
  • Reduce excess body fat
  • Help with blood sugar levels (Diabetics)
  • Increase Bone Mass
  • Improve Muscle Mass
  • Motivation & Energy
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Erection strength and sexual function

Our goal at The Phoenix Men’s Health Center is to provide each and every patient with the best type of testosterone therapy. We can provide:

  • 100% Natural Testosterone Stimulation, to help you produce your own bodies natural testosterone.
  • Semi-Natural Testosterone Stimulation, a mix of light pharmaceutical and natural stimulation for testosterone enhancement.
  • 100% Testosterone Replacement therapy, when the body needs to be supplement with testosterone.
    • Pellet therapy: for steady, long lasting testosterone levels and hormone control
    • Natural Creams: easy to use, easy to adjust
    • Injections: common, and very effective

What Patients are Saying

Which Testosterone Therapy is Best for me?

Lets find out…

Make an appointment so we can get you started. Every male will be different based on his goals, symptoms, age, blood work and financial needs.

We can take all of this into consideration to help you determine the best course of safe, effective, therapy for you.

We can guarantee that you will feel more educated and confident in your new knowledge and choices on your road to testosterone replacement therapy. Check out our reviews.

Quality Testosterone Research

“Low Testosterone levels are associated with an increase risk of diabetes, heart disease, and carotid atherosclerosis.” Diabets Care 2013 June; Vol.36, No.6: 20-30

“Loss of testosterone (Can/may) causes decreased muscle mass and strength, increased fat, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, osteoporosis, decreased energy, decreased well-being, decreased protection from heart disease and bone loss.” Archives of Family Medicine; 1999;Vol. 8:252-263.

“Testosterone lowers fat, improves body composition, protects agains diabetes and heart disease.” International Journal of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders 1992 Dec;16(12):991-7

“Loss of testosterone causes loss of libido, energy, strength, sexual function, memory, cognition, muscle and bone. Testosterone replacement therapy, as far as quality of life is concerned, is tremendous.” Medical Crossfire 2001 Jan;Vol.3 No.1:17-18

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Having erectile dysfunction problems can be extremely difficult for men. Being flooded with unverified information sources from the internet and not being able to find the right treatment option is very common for men who have ED problems. Phoenix Men’s Health Center has been treating men successfully with erectile dysfunction for as long as we have been open, and our physicians take a holistic approach to treating your erectile dysfunction problems. Please read this blog post for more information.