Libido and Energy, and Blood Sugar, Oh My!

Old age comes with a couple of not-so-pleasant caveats. You start losing energy. Your sexual life declines. You feel down, depressed, and your beer belly seems more pronounced than before. Diabetes is a concern and your friends and family ask if you are going through your mid-life crisis. If any of the above sounds familiar, […]

Does Libido Equal Love?

Libido, or sexual desire, can be affected by multiple variables. If you have low libido, it can affect not only your sexual satisfaction and frequency of sex, but it may also have a substantial impact on your relationship satisfaction with your partner. Having healthy levels of libido leading to an active and satisfying sex life […]

What should my Testosterone levels be?

Are my testosterone values normal for my age? We get this question every day. This is a complex question that deserves a well informed answer. It can be difficult to answer this question without looking at your entire health picture, not just a lab value. Every patient is different and he needs to think about […]