Dr. Le Provost knew there had to be a better way when he started Phoenix Men’s Health Center.

He saw the health care system starting to fail its patients by not providing proper care and information.  Instead, they prescribed medications and were forced to see as many patients as possible. He knew that to treat the patient, you had to get to know the patient and find out the real issues at hand. You need to actually spend time with your patients. That is the real reason why he started the Pheonix Men’s Health Center.

The first step he took when opening his new clinic was to make sure that he and his staff incorporated functional medicine into the practice. He did this with the goal of reducing the number of medications that patients were on and instead focusing on more holistic ways of optimizing the body through nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle.

Over the following 8 years, Phoenix Men’s Health Center has become very well known for helping men of all ages gain back the reins of their own body. Our Doctors attend the latest in anti-aging, bioidentical hormones, and integrative cancer seminars every year.  We are 100% focused on bringing our patients the latest in the world of men’s regenerative, integrative, and holistic care.

If you are feeling like your body is working against you or that it just isn’t feeling like it should because of low energy, chronic pain, or poor sleep, then we might be able to help you like we have helped the other thousands in the area. You are unique and we know that only once we can learn about you, can we actually find a plan that is specific to your own body’s need.

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