We are here to help you if you have any questions about the recent CoronaVirus news.

Below are some common questions and answers that we hope will help ease any concerns you have, and more importantly empower you with knowledge and practical medical advice to help get us all through this pandemic.

We have had recent contact with our advisory medical association to provide updated information and we will provide links to the CDC for additional information.

What is the concern?

The concern is that COVID-19 is a novel new virus, which mutated from a virus affecting animals to one that affects humans. The concern for COVID-19 is that it’s shown sustained person-to-person spread and has caused some deaths in immunocompromised & elderly individuals.

Should I be concerned?

If you are immunocompromised, have a respiratory illness, or are elderly you should take precautions and follow CDC travel recommendations.

When should I be concerned?

If you are immunocompromised, elderly, history of breathing problems and you develop a fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Should I do more to protect myself and my family?

No one wants to get sick, or spread a cold or flu illness to someone who may be immunocompromised, has lung health concerns, the elderly, or very young.

You should be taking your standard steps to protect yourself and your family as you would to prevent any flu or cold illness.1

1. First-Line Defense:

During a flu pandemic, there are measures you can take in addition to these everyday preventive actions. They include:

2.  Second-line Defense: Lifestyle

• Get more sleep3

• No alcohol 4 or drugs

• Reduce stress 5

• Reduce sugar and inflammatory foods

• 20-30min of exercise to move your body

3. Third Line of Defense: Supplements

-Think of supplements as fuel and natural medications to build up your body’s natural defenses. We offer all of these at the practice PhxMHC and will have these available at a discount for all of our patients.

Natural Defense Package:

• BiocidinTS. First line defense, recommended by Dr. Le Provost

• NAC (N-acetylcysteine). Lung support, 6recommended by Dr. Molina

• Vit C+. Fuel for your immune cells

15% discount on this package

Super Defense Package:

• Natural Defense Package +

• SuperBioVeg, packed with herbals for your immune system.

• Viralox, oral peptides for immune building7

• Bronchial Wellness Syrup, natural lung support

    25% discount on this package 









*All supplements above are intended for current PhxMHC patients; please call or contact the office so you may consult with one of your physicians first before starting any supplements or medications. Phone: 602-908-5422

4. Fourth Line of Defense: Medications


• Thymus Alpa-1: Stimulates the immune system

• LL 379: Prevents viral attachment to cells

• Selenak10: Antiviral characteristics

• Thymus Beta1112: Upregulates (enhances) immune function

Keep in mind any & all of the above suggestions can be effective for any viral or cold prevention, especially with influenza still very much prevalent. 13

Peptides are prescription medications that can be very effective. Please call our office and speak with any of our doctors to answer your questions.

There is always a risk for illness, cold, flu, and infections. Now is a good time to reflect upon yourself and your family’s lifestyle; ask yourself if you are taking basic lifestyle measures to stay healthy.

Our bodies have the most powerful system of protection, our immune system. Our immune system fights every day to take care of us, let’s take some time to take care of it. Your immune system only asks for a few basic things; plenty of sleep14low stress,15 and healthy whole food.


CoronaVirus, take basic standard cold/flu prevention measures to protect yourself.

Symptoms: Common cold are normal, only concerns are if you get additional fever and shortness of breath. See CDC Guidelines here Contact your healthcare provider first for further direction if you develop:

Unless you fall into one of the high-risk groups mentioned above, follow the protocol for standard cold/flu care. Contact your medical providers if:

Arizona Residents


PhxMHC IV Room
PhxMHC IV Room

We thank everyone for their interest in staying healthy and strong, while helping to keep others safe during this time. Thank you to all our valued patients.


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