Are you one of the top three, or all three?

1) Low Energy

2) Low Drive (Sexually & Motivation)

3) Weight Gain

4) Muscle loss

A lot of men feel this way and are not sure why? These are by far our top concerns our male patients have for us here at the Phoenix Men’s Health Center.

And that is exactly what we work on fixing for our patients.

You want to feel better, have more energy for family, kids, and career. 

Often these low energy symptoms can lead to additional issues such as weight gain, moods swings or trouble sleeping. With as common as these feeling and symptoms are, not many understand what it is happening and even a lesser amount understand that it doesn’t have to be this way. Often these symptoms are related to poor hormones levels; testosterone, thyroid, cortisol, and insulin just to name a few.

Your body is a remarkable machine that is capable of so much. Just like all cars and machines need regular maintenance, your body too needs to be checked and maintained as well.

There are so many factors that might cause our hormones to be out of synch. Work/Home stress,  long work hours, crazy schedule, no exercise, poor diet,  or simple as we have not been able to get any good amounts of sun in the last three months (often a problem during the winter months). These and many more reasons could be the reason why you are not feeling great or having trouble sleeping. It doesn’t have to be this way though!

Functional medicine is the practice of optimizing the body’s natural processes and getting the body to function how it naturally should. We can help you identify why your body is acting the way that it is and provide guidance to help get it back under control and operating how it should. The best part is that we help using nutritional advice, bio-identical hormones, supplements and lifestyle improvements. The goal is to keep you at your best with the right tools for you at this time in your life. Every plan is personalized.

We can do this without having to lean on unnatural pharmaceuticals and other medications. Sometimes these can be a better route but more often than not, they are not actually needed. You have options to feel better.

So if you are looking to find a solution, come talk to our medical team and they will help you get back into action and enjoying life like it should be.

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