Is Life Changing On You? You are not Alone

Have more energy

Are you one of the top three, or all three? 1) Low Energy 2) Low Drive (Sexually & Motivation) 3) Weight Gain 4) Muscle loss A lot of men feel this way and are not sure why? These are by far our top concerns our male patients have for us here at the Phoenix Men’s Health Center. […]

Learn More about Blood Pressure

Learn more about blood pressure

  Throughout the 1980’s, 1990’s and still well into the 2000’s an epidemic was sweeping through the United States killing individuals from California to North Carolina. Obviously, this is a serious plague on American’s health, and the medical community has duly noted its existence and tried to find solutions. However, no one is discussing the […]

What is Regenerative Medicine?

What is Regenerative Medicine? Doctor explains to patient.

Regenerative Medicine? Regenerative medicine (RM) is revolutionary system of medicine with the potential to completely regrow damaged or destroyed tissue. In short, RM involves using exogenous substances to induce natural healing and restorative mechanisms in the body. Most commonly this is done using Prolotherapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Amniotic membrane and fluid allografts. Each of these […]

Let’s Bring the Receding Hairline Forward

Let’s Bring the Receding Hairline Forward with Vampire Hairlift

You’ve been scratching that balding spot on your head for a while now. Maybe you feel self-conscious, or your friends and family point it out occasionally as a joke. You’ve heard people talk about hair implant procedures or hair-growth pills but neither of them sound particularly enticing. What if natural hair growth was possible and […]

Don’t Dread the Veggies

Don't Dread the Veggies

We know this is not the first or the last time you’ve heard this phrase: you should eat more vegetables. Even if you’ve already sighed and started to look away, we urge you to give us just five minutes of your time to skim this article. Why does the phrase “more vegetables” immediately make you […]

3 Keys to Choosing Your Next Protein Bar

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If you have been to the grocery store lately, the protein bar section has grown into a full aisle in most stores. The selection of brands and flavors seem to be ever growing. Phoenix Men’s Health Center patients often ask us this question: what do you think is the best protein bar? Given the number […]

Stop Letting Your Pain Get You Down

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Are you suffering from daily pain that won’t go away? Does your joints or muscles keep hurting? Do you take pain meds every day to keep your mind off of pain? If you have chronic joint or muscle pain, Phoenix Men’s Health Center may have a lasting solution for you. Since last year, we have been […]

Libido and Energy, and Blood Sugar, Oh My!

Old age comes with a couple of not-so-pleasant caveats. You start losing energy. Your sexual life declines. You feel down, depressed, and your beer belly seems more pronounced than before. Diabetes is a concern and your friends and family ask if you are going through your mid-life crisis. If any of the above sounds familiar, […]

Say Goodbye to Your Joint and Muscle Pain

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Do you have joint or muscle pain? You’re not alone. An estimated 13 – 47% of U.S. population are affected by musculoskeletal pain.1 Not only is this extremely common, chronic musculoskeletal pain can also be debilitating to your quality of life and notoriously hard to resolve. If you or a loved one currently suffer from […]

5 Medically Assisted Ways to Jumpstart Antiaging

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1. Hormone Balancing Guess what, guys? Optimal level of testosterone not only increases your energy, improves mood, protects against heart disease, improves sexual function, helps lose that stubborn belly fat, but also correlates to a longer life!1, 2 Given that cardiovascular disease stands as the leading cause of death for men and women in the […]