Telemedicine is now available to New and Current patients of The Phoenix Men’s Health Center.

Phone consultation aka Telemedicine is a great way to provide you flexibility during this time, but also in the future. It can save you valuable time, and help expedite your care. This will include your male hormone lab reviews and assessments, management. Discussion of testosterone therapy, sexual health, weight loss, erectile dysfunction, mental health, male enhancement, supplements, and prescriptions.

Keep in mind that we still want to perform physical exams when needed, usually once a year for most men. And some therapies such as testosterone therapy work best when we have both physical and lab information on yourself. This does mean a full physical exam. Remember, this is for your health and to reduce any potential risk. The more information you have and your doctor has = better quality care.

Cash paying patients will experience no changes at all, we can simply do your visits over the phone.

Cigna patients, can now have Telemedicine as an option. This is a major change for insurance Cigna patients.

Labs: May still be required for Testosterone therapy, and conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, prostate cancer, and medication monitoring. Remember, specialty labs are always available for Celiac Disease, Food Allergies, Gluten sensitivity, Soy, Food Additives, Heavy Metals, and hormone testing male and female.
We can also handle your primary care and yearly blood work.

Lab Options:

Phoenix Mens Health Center: In house Discount Cash Lab, and most insurance blood draws covered with a local lab, RxLabs. Both of these can be drawn In House, at Phoenix Men’s Health Center, to save you time. First Recommended.

LabCorp: Lab orders can be sent from our doctors directly to LabCorp, then email you instructions to find a LabCorp near you. Your results are then sent directly to your secure medical record. Second Recommended.

Cigna: We are Cigna providers, but Cigna is not contracted with RxLabs. Thus Cigna patients can pay cash for labs at Phoenix Men’s Health Center with HSA (Health Savings Account) cards, or find labs that work with Cigna. We recommend you call Cigna directly and ask them which lab you should go to. Providers can write you lab orders.

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