P-Shot Vs. Radial Shockwave

Two popular treatments for improving men’s health, especially sexual health, the P-Shot and Radial Shockwave Therapy are available at Phoenix Men’s Health Center. We often get asked about which one is better. The short answer is that both therapies are different in nature, and no one is better than other in terms of their benefit. […]

Sterilize Your Testosterone Myths

One question we frequently get asked at Phoenix Men’s Health Center is, “Is testosterone therapy going to make me sterile?” The short answer is no, not technically. Testosterone therapy is not going to make you sterile. However, it may affect and lower your fertility. The reason lies in the relationship between hypothalamus/pituitary glands and the […]

Does Libido Equal Love?

Libido, or sexual desire, can be affected by multiple variables. If you have low libido, it can affect not only your sexual satisfaction and frequency of sex, but it may also have a substantial impact on your relationship satisfaction with your partner. Having healthy levels of libido leading to an active and satisfying sex life […]

Holiday Thank you & Special Offers

Happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays! We wanted to express our sincere gratitude for allowing us to attend to your health needs. Taking care of one’s health is a huge responsibility and we are honored that you are allowing us to partake in being a partner at caring for your health. We treasure the relationship we build with […]