Guys, eat your Fruits and Veggies.

In closing out Prostate Cancer awareness month. I wanted to leave a link to a great website that gives some valuable information on prostate cancer supplement and nutrition that can be helpful.

It is so valuable to have quality information that really matters. I hope this information will help inspire you to make better food and lifestyle choices. Quality, nutritious food does make a difference in disease prevention, outcomes, and healing. There is great medicine in food, and

food should be our first step of treatment for any disease.

The best thing about this first step, is that you can only benefit from better food choices, it’s cost effective, it’s safe, and it can really make a difference.

Trust your gut!

Don’t always believe the media hype about the latest “New Study” that say this food is bad, or this supplement does not work. One study does not negate 100’s of other quality studies that prove otherwise. This is only media hype to get ratings, and it only leads to health consumer confusion. Don’t let the news media take you for a ride, it’s your health that matters, not their ratings. Pubmed questions you may have or consult your doctor who specializes in alternative health care. They are there for a reason and worth a wealth of quality information.

Start with the basics. Clean diet, low stress, good sleep, and exercise. Set up your machine to fight the great fight against any disease or unhealthy condition.

Prostate Cancer can be scary.

No one wants to have to hear those words that instantly lead to more questions and usually undesirable answers.

I can’t encourage you enough to seek second opinions. Do your homework. Consult medical professionals, and go to them with questions that need solid answers. You can only be your best health advocate.

Here is a list of steps I would suggest for anyone who has a recent raise in PSA, recent diagnosis, or potential diagnosis of prostate cancer.

1) Get a copy of all of your test results. PSA test should be assessed over time and many should be taken to determine trends in PSA values. Keep you test in results in one place to reference later as needed.

2) Get a % of free PSA test done with all elevated PSA levels. This additional test provide more information about your basic PSA test. You should also get other test done as well that relate to cancer treatments and outcomes: Testosterone, Estradiol, CRP, Blood Sugars (HA1C), TNF, homocysteine.

3) Additional Prostate Cancer test. There are more and more prostate cancer specific blood and urine test that are being developed and currently available. Ask your physician if any of those test would be right for you. PCA3, & Color Dopler Ultrasound.

4) Create a witten list of all the question you have. Take this list to your doctors visits and ask them to answer all of your questions while you take notes. It is very easy to get lost with all the information that will soon come your way. Take notes, and bring a significant other with you to have another set of ears and possible questions.

5) Second opinions from other medically trained professionals. See a doctor that has different medical training for a second opinion. They can provide a different schools of thought on a disease process, and possible treatment options. MDs, DOs, & NDs can all have a difference perspective on the same disease. Utilize your options to speak with different types of doctors with different training. Most offer free initial consultations to see if they can help you. Remember this is all about gathering information to make the best choice for yourself.

Gather data to make the best choice for yourself.

We hope this helps provide some information for you and your loved ones. Don’t fight prostate cancer alone. There are many people and resources that want to help bring you back to a better state of health, and cancer free.

To Your Health,

Dr. Le Provost- Phoenix Men’s Health Center

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