Vitamin C can be a powerful tool to help build your immune system, protect you from getting viral infections (colds & flu), and provides your immune system ammunition to actually fight infection. 
The most powerful form is in an IV form. We do offer IV Vitamin C. 



You may have seen the news about hospitals using Vitamin C to treat Corona Virus. This is a great option for people who are infected, but it also an option for prevention as well. 
We are offering Free Telemedicine Consultation with our patients to discuss Vitamin C, Peptides, and other tools you can use to improve your immune system. We are here to help guide you during this difficult time. 
Vitamin C: 
  • Boost your immune system (Macrophage Cells)
  • Proven to fight virus infections
  • You need more Vitamin C with more stress!!
  • Foods: Berries, Peppers, Brussel Sprouts, Citrus, Kiwi 
  • Supplement form: Liposomal and Buffered Powder 
  • Too much Vitamin C may cause diarrhea
Liposomal Vitamin C: 
Is a nice option because it can be purchased OTC (over the counter) and it is proven to work to increase body Vitamin C levels. We recommend the Designs for Health brand we use here in our practice. You can purchase it here, or call our practice and we can ship some to your home. 
  • Absorbed very well, instantly 
  • No GI side effects
  • 1 serving is 1,000mg of Vitamin C
*Please speak and consult with your doctor before starting
Liposomal Vitamin C Absorption 

Buffered Vitamin C: 
Also works well, does to have to be refrigerated, and travels well. 
  • Better Tolerated – Due to its natural acidity, high doses of vitamin C may result in an upset stomach and possible loose stools. This buffered Vitamin C is gentler on the gastrointestinal system, allowing for higher dosing without unpleasant side-effects.
  • Better Absorption – Added minerals help reduce the speed at which vitamin C travels through the gastrointestinal system, allowing more time for adequate absorption.
  • Better Delivery – Vitamin C Buffered Powder can be easily added to any beverage and eliminates the need for multiple pills
  • 2,000mg per serving
*Please speak and consult with your doctor before starting
You can purchase some here as well, or you can call our office, we can ship directly to your home. 

How much should you take? 
Will vary from patient to patient, person to person. 
*If you are going to be getting a Vitamin C IV bag be sure you get your G6PD enzyme tested. This is a safety precaution that should be taken before any high dose Vitamin C is administered.  
Out of Stock: 
If any of the above items are out of stock due to the high demand, please give our office a call. We have access to a large supply of supplements that we can have directly shipped to you. 
The best way is with our “Free Immune Consultation”. One of our doctors will spend the time to talk with you, go over all your options, and hand pick the supplements that are best for you. 
We will then have them shipped directly to your home. 
Thank you so much for being a part of our medical practice. Let’s help each other stay strong and healthy. 


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