Both peptide and supplements can help improve our immune system and provide well needed protection at this time.

Peptides for Immune Antiviral Support

Basic Peptide Package
 which is the Thymosin Alpha Peptide. This is the most recommended peptide that stimulates your immune system. This can be very beneficial for anyone that wants to keep their immune system nice, healthy and stimulated. In case of pathogen exposure, your body can be better prepared.

Intermediate Package which includes our Alpha Peptide & our Beta peptide. This is a powerful combination, especially if you feel like you think you are more at risk. Whether your immune system is not as strong, or you are more likely to be more exposed to the Virus this will be stronger for yourself. The Beta peptide Stimulates the “Natural Killer Cells” in our body. These cells kill off Virus-infected cells in our body. The combination of Alpha and Beta is a good well-rounded choice.

The most powerful package, “Advanced Immunity Package” is the Alpha, Beta and the LL-37. This is the strongest formula that we offer here at our practice. The LL-37 prevents viruses from attaching themselves to the actual cell and replicating, remember that a virus needs to attach itself to a cell and go inside the cell to replicate itself.

Please note the peptides are prescription medications for our current patients.

The medications can be shipped safely and quickly.

Powerful Immune Supplements

Supplements for immune support are moving quickly. We have put together new immune packages to help make this a little easier, and we are offering free immune support consultations* to our patients to help guide and answer any of your questions. 

Bronchial Support, has Ivy Leaf Extract an excellent choice for acute lung support

Super BioVeg, is one of our favorites for general immune support. Providing higher dose of Vitamin A to help enhance the immune system and fight off viral infections.

BiocidinTS, is another great well rounded immune support product. This is great spray to carry with you for overall protection. It has a collection of herbal medications to help support your immune system.

Ginger-Tussin Syrup. Ginger has many immune support properties, and this actually taste good. Dr. Le Provost, will mix this with the Liposomal Vitamin C for a healthy twice a day teaspoon of immune support.

Please call our office 602-908-5422 or book online for your Free Immune Enhancement Consultation.

*Free Immune Enhancement Consultations dose not apply to standard Office Visits and Medications refills.

We can cater to your needs, depending on your case and to help protect others, preventing this from continuing. At the bottom we have some resources for each of these peptides in more medical detail. If you have any questions please give us a call and remember we can do phone or telemedicine appointments so you can stay at your home.

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