Vitamin D plays an important role in your health; anti-viral, immune system, bones, brain, cancer prevention. Especially during this time when we needed added immune support. Increased risk of influenza and respiratory tract infections with low Vitamin D.

Yes, we do naturally get it from the sun, but why do we all have low Vitamin D levels.

We have tested over a thousand patients for Vitamin D, it’s part of our routine blood work. Over 90% of patients show a low level of Vitamin D. This is interesting, especially living in Arizona. And, may draw concern about having low Vitamin D and the severity of COVID infections.

What causes low Vitamin D?

What is the role of Vitamin D in your health?

How to boost your Vitamin D3 levels?

Increase sun time.

Believe it or not, doctors using nature-based medical care use sunbaths. Sunbathing fully naked 10-15 min a day. The goal is to increase maximum sun exposure to all your skin, to naturally boost your immune system and increase your Vitamin D3 levels. We are recommending 10-15 min sun exposure, early morning/day. Clothing optional based on the height or your fence in your backyard. Only kidding, please consider this within reason, call our office for any question before initiating.

Oral Vitamin D3

Should be in a liquid form, oil based. Vitamin D3 is a fat soluble vitamin as well as vitamin E, K, & A. They all work together in harmony to help your body’s immune system. Dosing is in IU, International Units. You may find anywhere from 500, to 5,000 units dosing. Our D3 Power Supplement is potent with 2,000IU per drop. We take anywhere from 2,000IU to 10,000IU a day. Please call our office for a free consultation about what dosing may be right for you.

D3 Power Vitamin

Shots of Vitamin D3

Are a great way to get a quick boost in your Vitamin D3 levels. Very simple and very effective. We do offer these in the practice, and we do recommend them for patients with low Vitamin D levels. Especially for patients looking for extra support during this time; elderly, obese, general health, traveling, visiting family, overall boost.


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