I have a huge heart for those who keep trying to make good changes even if one continues to revert back to old habits.  The fact that someone is trying is all we can ask for. As physicians and medical facility it is our duty to help provide a map to those who may not know their way, and course correct when they run off track. Finally, it’s our passion to provide support, accountability and inspire our patients to make lasting healthy lifestyle habits that stick. 

Many of our disease today are connected to lifestyle,the primary determinants of these diseases are not genetic but environmental factors, including diet and lifestyle 

I found a big reason for failure comes when we attempt to bite off more than we can chew. Don’t get me wrong, we can take large bites if we are motivated in a colossal way. That is why we developed core habits so people can succeed one great habit at a time. The small taste of success is the confidence builder that can lay a foundation for more great changes to come. Incorporating habits that will have a greater impact on long-term health is so much more than just a number on the scale. Forget about weight loss; just imagine if you kicked smoking, exercised daily or gave up sodas and energy drinks. All would have lasting health benefits, including weight loss.  

We found we can have success when we partner with our patients. We try to empower our patients to choose what is best for them at the time. If you have not exercised in 5 years and you eat out every day it may not be the best idea to turn into Chuck Norris and begin working out every day, go 100% organic, quit drinking and watching every calorie you eat. It is about choosing one thing to focus on and making that change a new core habit. We always encourage you to chose something that you can track, be held accountable for, and make it a challenging game. Trying to keep it positive fun as possible.  

January is almost over…and I want to issue you a challenge for the next 11 months. 

I don’t want you to settle just because your January plans may not have gone perfect or right now you’re sitting on best-laid plans that you have not acted on.  

So I’m suggesting that you HIT RESET

Take action on one of the following CORE Habits.   

No excuses. So think about what you really want.  Then follow these 3 simple steps.   

Step 1: Decide!   

There’s a huge difference between thinking about doing something and deciding that it’s going to happen.   

Pick ONE habit that you know you can do and make it happen and decide that you will succeed no matter what.  

Step 2: Prep!   

Once you’ve decided what you really want – you need to see who’s already gone where you want to go and accomplished what you want to achieve. You need to find the people who know what to do, people who will support you, educate and provide resources you need to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.  

Meal prep on Sundays is always a good idea. Start by just meal prepping your lunches for the week.  

There are also companies that now try to make this easier for you. You can try companies like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated that deliver half prepped meals to your door. I tried these, it was great. They even have some with vegetarian, paleo options, which we prefer.  

For lunches, you can try these premade meals that you pick up once or twice a week. We are looking to work with some of these in the Phoenix Valley. Patients have shared with us Eat Fit Go. It is our understanding they have meals already prepped. Just show up with a cooler back to pick up as many or as few meals as you would like. You can even find these pre-made meals at Sprouts Market. 

One of these is not better than the other. Do a little “prep” research what is best for you, your budget, your family, and your time.   

Step 3: Start!   

Nothing is going to become a habit unless you take action and start today. It does not have to be when summer comes or when I get back from vacation. I know it’s easy to think that way, but if you are going to make a habit you will have to learn to take your habits with you wherever you go.  The people who have been where you want to go didn’t get there overnight, and neither will you.  But they made progress – consistently.     

And that starts with a step.   

So do yourself a favor and embrace the fact that the next 11 months are going to pass…and at the end of the year, you’re going to either have made some changes that are going to change your life or you’re going to just let another year pass by.   

Which will it be?  

You can do this, we believe in you. We are here to help.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Phoenix Men’s Health Center

Dr. Le Provost, Dr. Molina, Rebekah, & Manny. 

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