Mental Wellness During COVID

Doctor ready for telemedicine to discuss Mental Wellness During COVID

I wanted to assure you that we are here for you and your family. If you need anything during the time, please do not hesitate to ask us for help. We are open regular business hours, and we are seeing both Telemedicine and In-Office patient visits. You can see a doctor, and you can continue down the path […]

Anti-viral Immune Building Medications & Body Support to Protect Yourself

Anti-viral Immune Building Medications

We wanted to have all our patients informed about what steps to take with the Corona Virus. Remember that washing your hands and staying away from public events is the best way to avoid coming across the virus. Now we want to take that a step further and give you the best options for prevention. […]

Depression Alternative Treatments

man dealing with depression

So, say you go to your physician, and you say, “Doc, I don’t know what’s wrong. I don’t feel like doing anything; I’m always tired; I have no sex drive.” And your physician says, “I know what’s wrong with you. You have depression.” Depression is a label given to patients who share a collection of […]

What is Regenerative Medicine?

What is Regenerative Medicine? Doctor explains to patient.

Regenerative Medicine? Regenerative medicine (RM) is revolutionary system of medicine with the potential to completely regrow damaged or destroyed tissue. In short, RM involves using exogenous substances to induce natural healing and restorative mechanisms in the body. Most commonly this is done using Prolotherapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Amniotic membrane and fluid allografts. Each of these […]

Speaking to the Naturopaths of tomorrow

Thank you Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine for inviting me to speak to your students.  It is an honor to be asked to speak in front of my peers about the profession of integrative medicine. Where are we now in the business of health care and where would we like to see ourselves in the […]