Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

Why are bio-identical hormones so important?

Hormone replacement therapy has been in the news a lot in the past and many still have an ill-conceived perception about this time of medicine. That is because is was done wrong years ago and it was doing harm to the population BUT times have changed and we now have SAFE and BENEFICIAL. Bio-identical hormones differ from synthetic hormones mostly in the way that they interact with you body. Bio-identical hormones are created from natural sources and are very close to the hormones found in our body, making it easier for the body to bond with. Because of this, there are less side-effects than you might have with synthetic hormones that do not match the body’s natural mechanisms.

What if I do experience side effects?

Typically with bio-identical hormones, if you are experiencing side effects, then the dosage is just most likely off but you should consult with your medical provider if you are feeling any. Again, that is one of the major benefits of bio-identical vs synthetic. Synthetic hormone, although they can help, are artificial to the body and can disrupt how the body should work. So these side effects have the potential to be very serious, where as the likelihood for bio-identical hormones side effect to be dangerous is low (again, typically just a dosage concern).

Who should be considering BHRT?

Really it depends on how you are feeling and what your goals are. Mostly this is for people that have reached adulthood because of all the changes that are happening in the body during adolescence. Most adults though could benefit from testing with a specialist to see where their hormones could be off. The most important item to realize is that most general practice doctors focus on hormone balancing and make sure that you are in the “normal ranges.” The issue with focusing on “normal ranges” is that normal is not OPTIMAL. If you want your body to operate at it’s best, then you should be working with someone that understands how hormone levels work and what are the most optimal levels for them to operate at. Simply adjustments in your hormone levels can mean the difference of a good nights sleep vs a sleep routine that is constantly interrupted by your own. Or maybe your energy levels are just out of cycle.

So if you are trying to make changes in you life like losing weight, getting better sleep, eating healthier, and you are not achieving the results that you think you should be, then maybe it is your hormones. Find a qualified provider that specializes in BHRT and have then take a look. You might be surprised at what you find out.

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