Today more than ever, we are able to not only live great lives, but we are now able to slow down the aging process. The old methods of “diet and exercise” are still key to stay young and healthy but they are many other ways that we can slow down the aging process. Below are a couple of ways that you can do this:



Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is the medicine that has some of the highest impact in anti-aging because it is focused on optimizing your hormone level, allowing your body to function properly. This of your hormones like a symphony. If you just one of your hormones are play “off-key,” then the symphony as a whole starts to suffer and becomes unbearable. A good BHRT provider can act like a conductor and locate that hormone that does not sound right and help that hormone section to get back to playing right, resulting in the symphony working harmoniously again.

 Anti-Oxidants and Supplementation:

Supplying your body with what it needs is a key contributor to staying healthy. Many times we try our best to eat healthy and get the nutrients that our bodies need but often this does not result in optimal levels. Even the food that we know is healthy might be lacking nutrients that we thought it had. Or maybe our body is not absorbing them enough. This is where taking good quality supplements and anti-oxidants can help. The supplements can help us get higher levels of essential nutrients and the anti-oxidants help fight free radicals in our body and protect our cells.


Telomeres are located at the end of your chromosomes and have been found to be a key part of aging. If you think of your shoelace at your chromosome, then the end of that shoelaces, where the plastic holds is together, would be your telomere. As you age, that telomere starts to shrink and once it shrinks too much, your shoelace (chromosome) will unravel. This unraveling is what leading to aging and diseases.  You can prevent this by proper nutrition, regular exercise, good supplementation, and keeping your hormones optimized.  There are additional supplements and protocols to help but these are the easy things that you can start today.

Don’t let your body age when it does not have to, find a provider that specializes in Anti-Aging medicine and you will quickly realize that aging is now more of a choice, than a reality.

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