What is Amniotic Allograft?

Amniotic allograft is a treatment that can be applied in the same way as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments. Amniotic fluid is consentually obtained during a c-section delivery and quickly frozen for storage. Allograft just means that the fluid is derived from someone who is not the patient receiving treatment. In some cases, amniotic fluid can be stored for future use for the child if the need arises in which case this would be called autologous treatment.

Human growth factors

Is amniotic allograft therapy the same as stem cell therapy?

While amniotic fluid in its natural state does contain stem cells, these cells are not viable after cryopreservation. Therefore there are no living stem cells in amniotic allograft fluid. The many growth factors, however, do survive this process and are very useful in orthopedic and regenerative medicine. If the stem cells were alive in the allograft, these therapies would then be considered a cellular drug and would subject to rigorous scrutiny by the FDA as there is no FDA approval of stem cells as a therapy.

How is it different than PRP therapy?

PRP therapy utilizes your own blood plasma as a way to deliver a potent dose of growth factors. Platelets are a natural reservoir of several types of growth factors that can lead to increased healing response and regeneration of tissue that was previously degenerating. Amniotic fluid is a potent source of many types of growth factors that are required to fetal growth. This amniotic allograft is then added to your PRP so you are actually getting the benefit of both treatments in one. The other main difference is cost as amniotic fluid is more difficult to obtain than the patient’s own plasma.

What conditions can be treated with amniotic allograft?

Just as with PRP therapy, amniotic allograft can be applied almost anywhere since the growth factors can be used by any part of the body. However, there is one application where amniotic allograft can excel over PRP and that is with IV infusions. Amniotic allograft IV infusions are great for targeting neurological, cardiac, systemic, and aging issues. Many other conditions can be treated with amniotic allograft-infused PRP therapy such as:

When can I expect to see the benefits after treatment?

The healing response typically begins within a day after treatment depending on the type of treatment received. Peak benefit is typically seen between 8-12 weeks. Depending on the condition being treated these benefits can last up to 2 years or even longer in some cases.




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