Using Your Own Cells to Repair Your Body – PRP & Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy Prolotherapy is a regenerative proliferation therapy that involves injecting an osmotic solution containing dextrose, nutrients, and lidocaine to stimulate natural healing. This injection generates an osmotic signal around the injection sites, which induces the healing cascade to begin (local inflammation is the beginning of the healing process) and signals the body to regenerate tissue. […]

Holiday Thank you & Special Offers

Happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays! We wanted to express our sincere gratitude for allowing us to attend to your health needs. Taking care of one’s health is a huge responsibility and we are honored that you are allowing us to partake in being a partner at caring for your health. We treasure the relationship we build with […]

How to NOT Fall Victim to Colds & Flus This Winter

It’s that time of the year! Cold and flu season has returned. Most flu cases occur between November and February and colds also peak during winter months. You may be noticing a sniff or two or a more serious case coming on. Adults get about 2-5 common colds every year and children can have 7-10 […]