Here we are again, a new year, and new health goals. Often times we get the advice to see our doctors before we start a weight loss program, and this is sage advice. So arm yourself with the following guidelines to make your visit a little more worthwhile for your weight loss goals.

Request from your doctor the standard blood work plus a few extra test that could make a big difference in weight loss. Hormone testing could help you reach your goals sooner and help keep the weight off. If your hormones are out of balance you can be fighting an uphill weight loss battle.

First request that they perform a more extensive thyroid test that includes; TSH, T4, and Free T3.

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is a standard test, and usually the only test medical providers run on your standard office visit. But, this test alone can fall short of giving you the right answer as to how well your thyroid, thus your metabolism is running.

Testing the T4 and Free T3 levels will give you and your doctor a more accurate answer as to how well your thyroid is really functioning.

It is not uncommon to see a normal TSH and have other thyroid values out of range. Imagine trying to lose weight if your metabolic furnace is set to low, you may always be fighting the bulge. These simple test can help you avoid the “there is nothing wrong with your thyroid” answer.

Second request for men, and women, should be your sex hormones.

One of your first sex hormone test should be Testosterone Total and Testosterone Free labs. These are very important test and again often missed during your routine exams.

Low testosterone can go for years without being properly diagnosed.

This can contribute to a series of health conditions  and quality of life in your later years. This is true for men and women!

Proper testosterone testing, evaluation and treatment can help with fat loss, increase muscle mass and increase bone strength as well as mental clarity, energy and sexual function. Testosterone is major player in our overall health, especially as we become older. You owe it to yourself to see where you stand.

In addition to testosterone are other “sex” hormones; DHEA, Estrogens, Estradiol, Progesterone, and Pregnenolone. Many of these do play similar roles as testosterone and you could benefit from getting them tested in addition to your testosterone.

DHEA, is another important hormone to test for both men and women. I ofter refer to it with my patients as testosterones little brother. DHEA can get converted into Testosterone, Estrogens and can be an indication of your “stress level” health, cortisol levels. DHEA is produced primarily from your adrenal glands. With proper evaluation and treatment can be come an important portion of your hormone replacement therapy program.

Estrogens and Estradiol can be tested for both men and women. In men it is useful to see where the levels stand in relationship to other sex hormones in the body. In females it is one of the main hormones that is know to play an important role is cardiovascular health, bone health and mass, weight management, sexual function, energy, mental clarity, skin health, and overall sense of wellbeing.

The key to all the hormones is proper understanding, balance, and treatment with the right type of hormones

down to the molecular level! In addition the proper administration, timing, scheduling and testing. Hormone therapy is complicated and needs to managed by a specialist. But, proper hormone testing and therapies can significantly improve your health care and quality of life.

The best place to start is by simply asking your doctor to run the test for you. If your physician does not feel comfortable treating you for any conditions associated with hormone balancing then seek out a hormone specialist physician. With your test values in hand, ask for a professional consultation. We offer free 15min consultation to give you an idea of where you stand, and we always welcome second opinions backed by medical research journals.

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