Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that affects many men. For those looking for a
treatment option, Trimix may be an ideal solution. Trimix is a compounded medication specifically
designed to treat ED. It contains three different medications in varying doses, and when administered
properly can provide reliable results in even males that have diabetes or have undergone cancer
therapy. With it having only a few side effects, let’s take a closer look at what this medication is and how
it works.(1)
What is Trimix?
Trimix is a compounded medication intended to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It comprises three
different medications in varying doses: papaverine, alprostadil, and phentolamine mesylate. Papaverine
and alprostadil are vasodilators, meaning that they relax the muscle tissue around the arteries so that
more blood can flow through them. Phentolamine mesylate works as an alpha-adrenergic blocker,
which helps relax the vessels’ muscles and open up veins so even more blood can flow through them.
Together these ingredients help promote strong, healthy erections by increasing blood flow to the penis.
Benefits of Trimix
The main benefit of Trimix is its effectiveness in treating ED symptoms in men who have not had success
with other treatments, such as oral medications or injections. It also has fewer side effects than other
treatments because it does not contain any synthetic hormones or testosterone-based ingredients.
Additionally, Trimix has been found to be effective in patients who have had a radical prostatectomy
and/or diabetes—two conditions that often cause ED symptoms in men. (3–5)
How To Administer Trimix?
Trimix is typically administered via injection just beneath the skin on either side of the penis shaft. Make sure to target the side of your shaft near the base of your penis. It helps you get the drug around the whole shaft and saves you from damaging any structures in your penis.
Typically, you will inject 2 units per injection—one on each side of the penis—for a total dose of 4 units
per day. Your doctor may adjust your dose depending on individual needs, but it should never exceed 10
units per day or 40 units per week. In addition to providing instructions for dosage amount and timing,
your doctor will also provide information about proper injection technique and storage guidelines for
your medication if needed.
Cautions for Taking Trimix?
While Trimix is one of the safest drugs for erectile dysfunction, it may cause some side effects. The most
common one is a temporary skin irritation reaction or swelling around the injection site. However,
abusing the drug or taking extra doses may cause adverse effects like priapism and low blood pressure
(hypotension). You should also ensure not to inject Trimix on the tip of your penis, under your penis
(urethra), and directly on top of the shaft.
In addition, Trimix should not be taken by anyone who has had recent surgery involving their prostate
gland or bladder within 6 weeks before administering trimix injections, as well as anyone who has had
any heart problems within 6 months prior to starting this type of treatment plan. Lastly, trimix must

always be stored in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures and moisture sources like
bathrooms since they can affect its potency over time if not stored properly. (5)
Trimix offers many benefits for those experiencing symptoms related to erectile dysfunction (ED). It is
composed of three different medications that work together to increase circulation to promote strong
erections. The best thing about Trimix is that it doesn’t cause problems in your body and helps you avoid
harsh synthetic hormones commonly found in other treatment options like oral medications or
injections containing testosterone-based products. When administered correctly, it is a great tool to
improve Men’s health and the time you spend in bed. Get your Trimix now!


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