Sterilize Your Testosterone Myths

One question we frequently get asked at Phoenix Men’s Health Center is, “Is testosterone therapy going to make me sterile?” The short answer is no, not technically. Testosterone therapy is not going to make you sterile. However, it may affect and lower your fertility. The reason lies in the relationship between hypothalamus/pituitary glands and the […]

10 Ways to Say Goodbye to Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

As Valentine’s day is coming up, you may be planning for a special night with your special someone. As always, Phoenix Men’s Health Center is here to help you—especially if you are having problems in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction is the elephant in the room that individuals feel embarrassed to talk about. Many men turn […]

Bio-Identical Hormones: What, How, and Why?

What are bio-identical hormones? Hormone replacement therapy has conventionally consisted of replacing hormones with synthetic and semi-synthetic hormones for treating hormonal imbalances and low hormone levels within the body. Semisynthetic hormones are derived from animal sources, such as equine or bovine, and synthetic hormones are manufactured in a laboratory setting. Structures of synthetic hormones are […]