Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Treatments. Use your own body cells.

Man with shoulder pain

The rotator cuff is one of the most common places to injure your shoulder. Because we’re always moving our arm up, driving, throwing a baseball, shooting a hoop, stretching, swimming, this joint is moving all day long. All these muscles are used for any activity we’re doing also moves the shoulder joint, right? You need […]

Let’s Bring the Receding Hairline Forward

Let’s Bring the Receding Hairline Forward with Vampire Hairlift

You’ve been scratching that balding spot on your head for a while now. Maybe you feel self-conscious, or your friends and family point it out occasionally as a joke. You’ve heard people talk about hair implant procedures or hair-growth pills but neither of them sound particularly enticing. What if natural hair growth was possible and […]

Stop Letting Your Pain Get You Down

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Are you suffering from daily pain that won’t go away? Does your joints or muscles keep hurting? Do you take pain meds every day to keep your mind off of pain? If you have chronic joint or muscle pain, Phoenix Men’s Health Center may have a lasting solution for you. Since last year, we have been […]

5 Medically Assisted Ways to Jumpstart Antiaging

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1. Hormone Balancing Guess what, guys? Optimal level of testosterone not only increases your energy, improves mood, protects against heart disease, improves sexual function, helps lose that stubborn belly fat, but also correlates to a longer life!1, 2 Given that cardiovascular disease stands as the leading cause of death for men and women in the […]