Stop Letting Your Pain Get You Down

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Are you suffering from daily pain that won’t go away? Does your joints or muscles keep hurting? Do you take pain meds every day to keep your mind off of pain? If you have chronic joint or muscle pain, Phoenix Men’s Health Center may have a lasting solution for you. Since last year, we have been […]

Say Goodbye to Your Joint and Muscle Pain

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Do you have joint or muscle pain? You’re not alone. An estimated 13 – 47% of U.S. population are affected by musculoskeletal pain.1 Not only is this extremely common, chronic musculoskeletal pain can also be debilitating to your quality of life and notoriously hard to resolve. If you or a loved one currently suffer from […]

Using Your Own Cells to Repair Your Body – PRP & Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy Prolotherapy is a regenerative proliferation therapy that involves injecting an osmotic solution containing dextrose, nutrients, and lidocaine to stimulate natural healing. This injection generates an osmotic signal around the injection sites, which induces the healing cascade to begin (local inflammation is the beginning of the healing process) and signals the body to regenerate tissue. […]