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How Our Regenerative Medicine Expert Heals Joints Naturally

I chose to become a doctor because I remember what it was like to be cared for when I was sick. When I was four years old, I was in the hospital, and I remember that they were worried I had some kind of bloodborne illness or something. I was just having the time of […]

5 Medically Assisted Ways to Jumpstart Antiaging

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1. Hormone Balancing Guess what, guys? Optimal level of testosterone not only increases your energy, improves mood, protects against heart disease, improves sexual function, helps lose that stubborn belly fat, but also correlates to a longer life!1, 2 Given that cardiovascular disease stands as the leading cause of death for men and women in the […]

5 Natural Ways to Jumpstart Your Anti-Aging Process

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Why do humans age? This question has perplexed scientists for decades. What can we do to reverse some of the effects of aging? Though we are not currently aware of a complete reversal for aging and its effects, certain proactive measures can drastically improve your quality of life and decrease your risk for early mortality. […]