If you are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you may remember the time Meredith Grey had a bad hangover and tried to insert a “banana bag” into her vein to help with her hangover. The popular term “banana bag” refers to intravenous nutrient therapy (also referred to as modified Myers’ cocktail)).

IV nutrient therapy was first used by Dr. John Myers, who used a cocktail combination of different nutrients to treat a variety of symptoms.

After his death in the 80s, Dr. Alan Gaby made a modified concoction to treat Dr. Myer’s former patients and his own. Since then, IV nutrient therapy has been widely used by alternative and traditional medicine providers for a wide range of problems.

A modified Myers’ cocktail consists of the following nutrients1:

So, how and why does IV nutrient therapy work? First of all, an intravenous administration (administering through your veins) is critical because it is a much more effective administration method compared to taking the same amount of nutrients orally or injecting them into the muscle. While taking magnesium orally may not increase the concentration of magnesium in your serum (protein-rich liquid in blood), IV administration can double or triple the concentration.2

Magnesium has been implicated in treating and preventing pain through blocking NMDA receptors.3

It also relaxes smooth muscles in the lungs and vessels. In addition, a high concentration of Vitamin C has been shown to have antihistamine and antiviral effects.4, 5

Here are a few conditions that have been successfully treated or managed with IV nutrient therapy.

Other conditions that IV nutrient therapy may be helpful in managing symptoms include depression, cardiovascular disease, upper respiratory tract infections, seasonal allergic rhinitis, narcotic withdrawal, and chronic urticaria. Anecdotal evidence for improvement from chronic torticolitis, tension headaches, acute dysmenorrhea, and acute muscle spasms also exist. It is critical to note that IV nutrient therapy’s role focuses on relieving and managing symptoms, not curing them.

They should also be only administered within the guidance and consistent monitoring of a knowledgeable and experienced physician.

Phoenix Men’s Health Center has been safely administering IV nutrient therapy to patients for years. If you are interested in receiving IV nutrient therapy for your condition, or wish to speak to a physician about it, please call us at 602-908-5422 or click here to make an appointment.


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