COVID Protection with Vitamin D

Man getting COVID Protection with Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an important role in your health; anti-viral, immune system, bones, brain, cancer prevention. Especially during this time when we needed added immune support. Increased risk of influenza and respiratory tract infections with low Vitamin D. Yes, we do naturally get it from the sun, but why do we all have low Vitamin […]

What You Need to Know About Telemedicine at PXHMC

What You Need to Know About Telemedicine at PXHMC

Telemedicine is now available to New and Current patients of The Phoenix Men’s Health Center. Phone consultation aka Telemedicine is a great way to provide you flexibility during this time, but also in the future. It can save you valuable time, and help expedite your care. This will include your male hormone lab reviews and […]

IV – Vitamin C for Your Protection!

Vitamin C can be a powerful tool to help build your immune system, protect you from getting viral infections (colds & flu), and provides your immune system ammunition to actually fight infection.  The most powerful form is in an IV form. We do offer IV Vitamin C.      Hospitals are administering Nutrient IV of 1,500mg* […]

Why Bio-Identical Hormones?

Man outside healthy and happy

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)? Why are bio-identical hormones so important? Hormone replacement therapy has been in the news a lot in the past and many still have an ill-conceived perception about this time of medicine. That is because is was done wrong years ago and it was doing harm to the population BUT times […]

Getting Smart About Your Weight Loss

Man having his thyroid tested

Old Way of Losing Weight Not Working Any Longer???? So you decided to lose weight and have changed your diet, started exercising more, and made some lifestyle changes. These probably have helped you in that past and even now but you might be finding it harder and harder than it once was. Why is this? […]

Anti-Aging and Your Health

Anti-Aging and Your Health

  Anti-Aging Today more than ever, we are able to not only live great lives, but we are now able to slow down the aging process. The old methods of “diet and exercise” are still key to stay young and healthy but they are many other ways that we can slow down the aging process. […]

Testosterone: Key to your vitality

Key to your vitality

There are many types of testosterone on the market, choosing the proper testosterone is important. It is important when we discuss testosterone that we are clear on what type of testosterone we are talking about, synthetic vs bio-identical, and the quality of research that has been done to substantiate its proper use. We suggest bio-identical […]

50 is the new 30

50 is the new 30!

I can guarantee when you surround yourself with health-conscious and likeminded people, you will be successful in improving your health. You don’t have to take my word for it. Read what some of our patients are saying about feeling younger! Total awesomeness! “Five weekly visits and I feel twenty years younger! If you’re like me […]

Let’s Bust Some Myths

Fitness Myths Busted

One of the most frustrating parts of the health and fitness industry is how many myths are out there. These myths make people believe they can easily lose weight, get stronger, get a six-pack, and look great in a bikini. The truth is most of these myths are coming from people that are just wanting […]

Secrets to Your Success

Setting goals for your success

I bet you already know that goal setting is a key to success. Setting a goal gives you a roadmap. Think about going through an unfamiliar city with no map and trying to find an exact location. Good luck, right?  What most people do is set a goal they are certain to fail. Let me […]