Anti-Aging and Your Health

Anti-Aging and Your Health

  Anti-Aging Today more than ever, we are able to not only live great lives, but we are now able to slow down the aging process. The old methods of “diet and exercise” are still key to stay young and healthy but they are many other ways that we can slow down the aging process. […]

Testosterone: Key to your vitality

Key to your vitality

There are many types of testosterone on the market, choosing the proper testosterone is important. It is important when we discuss testosterone that we are clear on what type of testosterone we are talking about, synthetic vs bio-identical, and the quality of research that has been done to substantiate its proper use. We suggest bio-identical […]

50 is the new 30

50 is the new 30!

I can guarantee when you surround yourself with health-conscious and likeminded people, you will be successful in improving your health. You don’t have to take my word for it. Read what some of our patients are saying about feeling younger! Total awesomeness! “Five weekly visits and I feel twenty years younger! If you’re like me […]

Let’s Bust Some Myths

Fitness Myths Busted

One of the most frustrating parts of the health and fitness industry is how many myths are out there. These myths make people believe they can easily lose weight, get stronger, get a six-pack, and look great in a bikini. The truth is most of these myths are coming from people that are just wanting […]

Secrets to Your Success

Setting goals for your success

I bet you already know that goal setting is a key to success. Setting a goal gives you a roadmap. Think about going through an unfamiliar city with no map and trying to find an exact location. Good luck, right?  What most people do is set a goal they are certain to fail. Let me […]

Your solution, Phoenix Men’s Health Center.

Doctor writing

Dr. Le Provost knew there had to be a better way when he started Phoenix Men’s Health Center. He saw the health care system starting to fail its patients by not providing proper care and information.  Instead, they prescribed medications and were forced to see as many patients as possible. He knew that to treat […]

Is Life Changing On You? You are not Alone

Have more energy

Are you one of the top three, or all three? 1) Low Energy 2) Low Drive (Sexually & Motivation) 3) Weight Gain 4) Muscle loss A lot of men feel this way and are not sure why? These are by far our top concerns our male patients have for us here at the Phoenix Men’s Health Center. […]

Learn More about Blood Pressure

Learn more about blood pressure

  Throughout the 1980’s, 1990’s and still well into the 2000’s an epidemic was sweeping through the United States killing individuals from California to North Carolina. Obviously, this is a serious plague on American’s health, and the medical community has duly noted its existence and tried to find solutions. However, no one is discussing the […]

Looking to Heal Faster? Here are 5 Quick Tips

5 tips for healing faster

Are your workouts leaving your muscles sore? Good!! They should be! The process of building muscle starts with the breakdown of muscle fibers, making you feel sore. After you break down muscle during a workout, your body adapts and rebuilds. Your body then becomes leaner and stronger. That’s why it’s good to have some muscle […]

Goal Setting

Use SMART Goals

January is almost over. Isn’t it too late to be sending out a blog/email about Goal Setting?  Absolutely not. Only about 8% of people keep their New Years Resolution. You don’t need January 1st to start setting goals. It starts with every morning, every day, with the choices we make that determine our end results.  […]