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What Is Regenerative Medicine:

Regenerative medicine is the practice of using one’s own body to heal itself. Most commonly this is done using Prolotherapy, PRP, Stem Cells and Amniotic sources. These methods engage the body’s own healing mechanism to take over and actually regenerative damaged tissues in the body. This can be used for many different aspect on the body including; joints, tendons, skin tightening and muscle tears.  So let’s go over a little more about what each of these therapies are.

The time of needing dangerous and possibly unneeded surgeries are coming to an end. There are still situations where surgery is necessary and recommended, but with regenerative medicine we can potentially heal up to 90% of all injuries non-surgically. It is important to find well qualified people to discuss these options will and our staff is happy to assist with any questions that people might have.


This procedure uses a concentrated dextrose solution that is injected into the arthritic or degenerated tissue.   It then acts as a stimulant to initiate the healing cascade.  The body will take over and send the healing cells and continue the regenerative process.  It has been used safely for years without significant risks and well showing well studied benefits and success.

 PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

A blood draw is done and the healing platelets, growth factors and circulating stem cells are separated in our lab.  The cells are concentrated and then injected back into the area of concern to start the healing cascade and repair the injury, arthritis or painful area.

Stem Cells:

The cells are drawn from the pelvic bone marrow.  The cells are then processed in the lab and separated from the other cells.  The concentrated stem cells are then injected back into the arthritic joint or degenerated area to heal and repair the damaged or degenerated tissue.  It is the most potent of the healing options available.

Amniotic Allograft:

For those that might not have enough healthy stem cells, amniotic allografts might be the next best tools. The are stem cells derived from placental tissue of healthy mothers that have fully delivered their babies. This very strong and natural tissue if cleaned and stored properly to be used in medical situations. This is great substitute for when your stem cells might not be at the right level for orthopedic services.


In the future we will go much deeper into each of these solutions.


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