Does Libido Equal Love?

Libido, or sexual desire, can be affected by multiple variables. If you have low libido, it can affect not only your sexual satisfaction and frequency of sex, but it may also have a substantial impact on your relationship satisfaction with your partner. Having healthy levels of libido leading to an active and satisfying sex life […]

10 Ways to Say Goodbye to Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

As Valentine’s day is coming up, you may be planning for a special night with your special someone. As always, Phoenix Men’s Health Center is here to help you—especially if you are having problems in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction is the elephant in the room that individuals feel embarrassed to talk about. Many men turn […]

Your 2 Week Detox Plan

Throughout our daily lives, we are constantly exposed to or putting in toxins into our body. Our environmental exposure includes pollutants and synthetic chemicals that are in the air, water, foods, and more. Toxins include free radicals, which are neutralized by antioxidants.1 In the US alone, about 2000 new chemicals are introduced each year into […]