Dr. Jean-Luc Le Provost's Journey

Dr. Jean-Luc Le Provost

Dr. Jean-Luc Le Provost received his medical degree from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, a formally accredited naturopathic medical school in Tempe, Arizona. He received additional training in homeopathy, botanical medicine, acupuncture, hormone replacement therapy, Chelation, IV nutrient therapy and nutrition to complement his medical training.

Prior to medical school, Dr. Le Provost was the manager and owner of successful personal training and nutritional guidance practice in Tucson, Arizona. It was through the close relationships he developed with his clientele that he was inspired to delve into wellness further in the study of holistic health.

Originally from Nevada, Dr. Le Provost moved to Arizona to attend the University of Arizona where he received his Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences.

Dr. Le Provost’s extensive background in nutrition, personal training, pharmaceuticals, and alternative medical therapies provides his patients with the most update knowledge in the world of integrative medicine.

His goal is to improve your quality of life and help you live your life to its fullest potential.

Dr. Jose Molina

Born and raised in Southern California, Dr Molina specializes in Regenerative Injection Therapy, and Hormone replacement therapy and hormone management. His also a bilingual Primary Care Provider

Dr. Molina received his Medical degree from SCNM in 2017 and has been practicing medicine at the Phoenix Men’s Health Center where he uses his expertise in Regenerative Medicine to help patients recover from their joint injuries, degenerative joint disorders and get patients out of pain. He also focuses on improving the well being of patients via optimization of their hormones and lifestyle to be able to achieve their best self.

Dr. Molina knew he wanted to be a physician ever since he was 4 years old after he was misdiagnosed with leukemia. His time at the hospital showed him that “doctors” help people feel better and save lives. The reason he chose naturopathic medicine is that he truly believes in healing patients as a whole, educating patients and the practice of Preventative Medicine.

Dr. José Enrique Molina NMD

Doctorado en Medicina Naturopática 2017 SCNM

Licenciatura en Ciencias en Biomedicina 2012 NUHS

Nacido y criado en el sur de California

Especialidad en Terapia de Inyección Regenerativa y terapia de reemplazo hormonal y manejo de hormonas.

Proveedor de atención primaria

El Dr. Molina recibió su título de Médico de SCNM en 2017 y ha practicado medicina en el centro de salud de hombres de Phoenix donde utiliza su experiencia en Medicina Regenerativa para ayudar a los pacientes a recuperarse de sus lesiones articulares, trastornos degenerativos y aliviar el dolor del paciente. También se enfoca en mejorar el bienestar de los pacientes a través de la optimización de sus hormonas y su estilo de vida para poder lograr su mejor autoestima. El Dr. Molina sabía que quería ser médico desde que tenía 4 años después de haber sido diagnosticado erróneamente con leucemia. Su tiempo en el hospital le mostró que los “médicos” ayudan a las personas a sentirse mejor y salvar vidas. La razón por la que eligió la medicina naturopática es porque realmente cree en la curación de los pacientes como un todo, la educación de los pacientes y la prevención de la medicina.

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Welcome Dr. Thompson

Dr. Rebekah Thompson

When I was a young girl, around 11 or 12. I was having terrible stomach pains that kept me home from school frequently or keeled over in pain often. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on so they just kept putting me on prescription after prescription. I felt unheard and I wasn’t getting any better. The last prescription they gave me I remember so well because they said I was probably just stressed out and needed anxiety medication. The first time I took that medication I threw up, and then when I took it again I threw up again. At that point I told my parents I was done with all the medications and hopefully it would go away on it’s own. That was also the point I decided I want to be a doctor. I wanted children to feel more heard than I did. I attended the University of Washington and received my Bachelor’s of Arts degree with the plan to go to the University of Washington medical school. Then right before I graduated with my bachelors degree I learned about naturopathic medicine and what it meant. I learned there was more to health than what I knew and I wanted to know more. I wanted to know how to help people with more than prescriptions.

In 2012, I applied for naturopathic medical school at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and moved from Seattle to Arizona. In 2016 I graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic and I’m confident I have many tools to help you. My experience as a child made me passionate about children’s health, but my experiences as a woman in the medical field have also increased my passion for women’s health. I am here to help empower you to take control of your health.

Front Desk

Manny R.

Manny R. has extensive background in customer service. A valuable addition to The Phoenix Men’s Health Center, he ensures that all patients receive the care they need in a timely and efficient manner. His positive energy and excellent office management skills rose him to the top of our team.

Manny is an Arizona native, fluent Spanish speaker, exceptional customer service professional who ensures that everyone gets quality care.

Professional Memeberships